BEST DEFENSE EVER! Honestly dawg, be a real niggah. Why you letting your brotherhood down and accepting dough to play like a foo?




I was talking to my friend Alex earlier and we were both talking about how Coldplay is too hard to listen to because there is such an emotional connection to that band with way too many memories.

As for me it reminds me of:

– Being 11 with the good memories of my childhood (and as douchey as it sounds) feeling sorry for myself not knowing how miserable my life would be at the age of 23. If I knew, I perhaps would’ve just killed myself. 😀

– The bad memories of my childhood and discovering I have depression for no apparent reason.

– When my first boyfriend dumped me and told everyone it was because I was a gothic freak who liked Coldplay and Interpol. I remember listening to literally every song of theirs and crying from how much of a loser I felt like.

– When my dog Homer passed away I listened to them the entire way through my grieving.

– When my ex fiance Chris left me after nearly 5 years, I listened to fucking Coldplay.

– Uhm, the time I tried to… Yeah, that!

And pretty much almost every good and bad memory I could possibly have. Even if it doesn’t bother me anymore, it’s like a zillion feelings from the past attacking you all at once. Even if you could literally give a fuck less.

Also, fuck you 5:16am and not being able to sleep. Go screw yourself, too! Mother fucker!

Ordering a Sunday at some diner without it upsetting my stomach.


Not worrying about anything important, except for the thought of someone taking away my Sunday! Feeling completely fulfilled for the night because I got a Sunday, and looking forward to going home and possibly catching the Cosby Show.

Silly thing is, when I was six I worried about things that had absolutely nothing to do with my life.

I guess it’s more of a fantasy than anything.